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Re: Hostname lookups on Win95

On Wed, Apr 19, 2000 at 08:43:17AM +0100, Graham Bloice wrote:
>> I've never been able to get hostname lookups to work on any Cygwin
>> compiled binaries (lynx, wget, ftp, cvs, etc.), even though "native"
>> Windows apps can resolve names fine on that machine.  The problem
>> has occurred with both B20.1 and yesterday's Net Release.
>> I tried manually adding records to /cydrive/c/WINDOWS/HOSTS.SAM and
>> /etc/hosts, to no avail.
> HOSTS.SAM is a sample file, the actual file should just be HOSTS.  I don't

Ahh... I should have figured that from that comments.  I renamed it
to just "HOSTS", but still no luck as far as cygwin apps go.

The really weird thing is I've just setup a Win98 machine on the
same network (both Windows boxes are using fixed RFC 1918 IP's being
masqueraded behind my Linux box to a cable net connection), with an
*identical* configuration to '95 one, and it can do DNS lookups just
fine from Cygwin.


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