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RE: New Cygwin Net Release (make error)

Title: RE: New Cygwin Net Release (make error)

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Paul D. Smith []
> Sent: Wednesday, April 19, 2000 12:57 PM
> To: Christopher Jones
> Cc: Bernard Dautrevaux;;
> Subject: RE: New Cygwin Net Release (make error)
> %% "Christopher Jones" <> writes:
> HTML isn't necessary on the mailing list; plain text is just
> fine, thanks.

Sorry about that.  Outlook sucks and it should have been in plain text... sorry.

>   cj> So I went off and tried to duplicate my problem with
> the smallest
>   cj> Makefile possible and have succeeded.  Turns out the problem is
>   cj> with a target macro's value indicating a dos style filename,
>   cj> e.g. e:/dir/file (yes, with UNIX slashes) even with
>   cj> set in the environment.  Using something like //e/dir/file works
>   cj> of course.  I think that on win32 e:/dir/file is supposed to be
>   cj> allowed without confusing the make parser but I cannot find much
>   cj> in the info documentation to help make this clearer (it did work
>   cj> in the past with make 3.75, the cygwin 1.1 net release
> uses 3.77).
> It would be nice if you'd included the "smallest Makefile
> possible", as
> well as the error you got and what you expected it to do :).

I forgot to send the attachment, oops. 



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