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RE: New Cygwin Net Release (make error)

Title: RE: New Cygwin Net Release (make error)

Okay, I'm sure of what caused this now.  The Makefile look something like this.

#--begin Makefile---
include $(DEVDIR)/Makefile.mstr
#--end Makefile---

DEVDIR is defined in the environment.  ANOTHERVAR however is defined in the included makefile.  I thought make was supposed to try to do full expansion on a second read of the makefile?  Seems to have worked before.


-----Original Message-----
From: Christopher Jones []
Sent: Tuesday, April 18, 2000 2:59 PM
Subject: RE: New Cygwin Net Release (make error)

I'm trying the new net release and ran across a problem with make which seems a little weird.  It doesn't happen all the time either, more on that later.  Here is the error message.

make --directory=types --unix -w recursive
assertion "*p2 != '\0'" failed: file "/src/make/read.c", line 866
      0 [sig] make 1232 stackdump: Dumping stack trace to make.exe.stackdump
make --directory=util --unix -w recursive
I took a look at the source but it simply indicates what happened should never happen.  Guess that assumption was wrong.  ;)

I'm trying to dig into why it happened and if I can fix something on my end but this didn't happen with b20.1 so I thought someone else might be interested.


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