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Re: "runxemacs -debug-init" freezes NT?

First, this is off-topic for the cygwin list, since the runemacs you are
using is non-cygwin. 

I'm not sure why the network path change or the '-debug-init' option
would cause runemacs to get flaky. Try starting xemacs itself, directly,
with those options, so we can narrow it down to an xemacs problem or a
runemacs problem. (And let's continue this thread only on the xemacs-nt

--Charles Wilson

Vladimir Alexiev wrote:
> I use a pre-built NT XEmacs 21.2 (beta19) and it includes a runxemacs.exe
> whose Version information says "run.exe 1.1.4" (must be the native version
> since I don't have cygwin). It starts xemacs ok, xemacs works ok, and some
> other programs work ok as well. Bun NT gets totally screwed: it can't show
> the desktop, can't switch programs, can't show the task manager, can't
> start new programs, can't close programs, even some internal services
> become unresponsive.
> Runxemacs used to work ok here. I made two setup changes that may be the
> culprit (listed in order of probability):
> 1. I added the option "-debug-init" to the shortcut that unvokes runxemacs.
> 2. It's installed on a network share G:. Before G: was the directory
> C:\WSCommon on a server, later I added a bigger disk to the server and now
> G: is the directory D:\ on the server.

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