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Re: New Cygwin Net Release

--- DJ Delorie <> wrote:
> Then, download the setup.exe program TO A TEMPORARY DIRECTORY.
> Shut down ALL CYGWIN APPLICATIONS (including inetd, etc.).
> Then, IN A COMMAND WINDOW, use "cd" to change to that temporary
> directory and type "setup.exe".
> Setup will ask you where you want your root to be.  If you specify the
> same directory as your current root.  YOUR CURRENT ROOT WILL BE
> OVERWRITTEN.  There will be no recovery from this.  You may want to do
> backups, and unmount your old mount points, to isolate them if you are
> the paranoid type.

You should also umount /usr as well if you have that mounted.  Also, if you
have any other subdirectory of /usr mounted you need to umount those. 
Setup.exe will use the existing mount table if it exists so make sure you know
whats going to be overwritten.

DJ, the README needs to have this warning in BOLD CAPS.

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