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Re: Where is stdio.h?

On Sat, 15 Apr 2000, Pierre Abbat wrote:
> I downloaded full.exe last Thursday and just installed it and am trying to
> compile a program which works fine in Linux. First I got "make: can't find
> /bin/sh", so I made a symbolic link /bin to where the bin files are.

Many (most?) Cygwin users create a mount point for /bin and similar
directories.  Your symbolic link will work too, though it may not be as
efficient as a mount point, since the mount table is always accessible in
shared memory.

> Now I get
> "make[2]: No rule to make target '/usr/include/stdio.h', needed by 's19.o'.
> Stop." I found an include directory, but there is no stdio in it. Where is it,
> or do I copy it from the Linux box?

There is a stdio.h all right (a simple file search will turn it up), but
not in the conventional location of /usr/include (just as sh isn't found
in the conventional place either).

The gcc compiler doesn't need /usr/include, it knows where to find its
include files, but you seem to have an atypical Makefile that looks for
stdio.h itself.

Again, you should be able to work around this with a suitable symbolic
link or mount point.

> The program also uses popt. Do I have to install that from source, or is it
> included?

No idea.  Never heard of popt.  Building from source is certainly an

Jeff Sturm

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