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Re: Newbie question on paths

You are right - it can be done with the PATH variable
for example:
export PATH=${PATH}:.
will append a `:' and a dot to it.
BTW - maybe ./hello.exe is better, in unix usually there is no dot in the
path by default for security reasons.

also you're right about .bashrc
bash.exe will look for it in your / (usually C:\), and/or in your $HOME
directory. (as it says somewhere in the FAQ IIRC)

good luck :)

on Apr 14 Strachan, Iain wrote:

> Hi, 
> I'm new to cygwin but used UNIX some years back (before BASH was available).
> I've installed cygwin on my system (under NT) with no problems and everything runs.
> However, I am unable to get it to recognise <current directory> as part of the path.  Hence if I have a "hello.exe" in the current directory, to run it I have to do "./hello", whereas "hello" by
> itself cannot be found.
> I tried various logical things to do with setting the PATH environment variable, but to no avail.
> Could you tell me how to make this work?  Also if there's an equivalent file to the UNIX .bashrc file, where I could automatically set this up?
> Regards,
> Iain Strachan.
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