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ANN: JDE-2.1.6beta23 available

for download at

JDE-2.1.6beta23 Release Notes

* Define jde-mode abbreviations only when jde-enable-abbrev-mode is on.

* Fixed listp bug in thread stack display.

* Fixed display of NaN, Infinity, and -Infinity FP values in local
variables buffer.

* The currently selected Emacs frame now pops to the top when JDEBug hits a

* Compile command now accepts Cygwin-style classpaths.

* Local variables buffer now includes the "this" object for the
corresponding stack frame.

* Fixed Lisp eval error when a local string variable includes unbalanced

* Menus no longer freeze when you use JDEbug's Launch Process command.

* Adds jde-imenu-recognize-tag-comments-p option. 
  When on, this option causes the imenu symbol declaration indexer to 
  recognize variables and method declarations with prefixed tag comments.

About the JDE

The Java Development Environment for Emacs is a freeware  Emacs/JDK-based
IDE for creating Java applications. It has all the features usually
associated with the term IDE except for a GUI designer. Advantages of the
IDE include speed, reliability,  multiple platforms (WIndows and Unix), and
configurability. Technical support is available via the JDE mailing list
which currently numbers more than 650 subscribers.

JDE Features

* Supports all versions of the Sun JDK, including 1.3 beta

* Autoindentation

* syntax coloring

* JPDA-based source-level debugger that supports multiple process debugging

* Java source interpreter

* Intelligent method and field completion

* Tree-structured source-code browser

* Class browser

* Hyperlinks from symbols to definitions

* Automatic customizable code generation

* Class import wizard

* Method override wizard

* Context-sensitive help for any classes that have javadoc documentation.

* Built-in support for RCS and CVS source code repositories

* Commands for running and debugging applets

* HTML user's guide

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