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Re: Basic Questions

--- Patrick Ohnewein <> wrote:
> Sorry for this question, but I didn't find anything related in the docs
> neither in the archives of the mailing list.

Don't know why you can't find it in the archives.  See for reference.

> Now is there some doc for cygwins-bash B20 available somewhere. I need
> to set bell-style=visible, because the beeping annoyes my coworkers. Now
> I tried to create an .inputrc file in my home dir, which seams to not be
> read. performing set bell-style=visible doesn't work, doing it in the
> .bashrc (which get's read from my HOME dir) doesn't work neither. So I
> tried to set the environment in the startup .bat-file. But it seams the
> shell doesn't care about the env var.
> How can I deactivate this horror bell :-)

I know that it can be done.

> Another question how can I change LS_COLOR for ls, where do I get docs
> related dircolors

You should be able to find all documents for FSF GNU supported software at

> Where should I perform calls to bind, to change keymapping, because
> .inputrc doesn't get read and calling bind in .bashrc doesn't have
> effect. And may be a BUG in bind:
> # bind -p > ~/bindings
> # bind -f ~/bindings
> sometimes does output that the file bindings doesn't exist and when it
> doesn't output any error message it doesn't change bindings.
> I am only able to change bindings from command line, how should I make
> them persistent?

The problem is the file format.  ~/.inputrc does get read.

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