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[ANN] perl-5.6.0-cygwin binaries available

A binary release of perl-5.6.0, the latest *stable* release of perl, is
now available for cygwin (CD, or recent snapshots only; for stock
B20.1-perl, see Thanks to the
tireless work of Eric Fifer and the perl5-porters, perl-5.6.0 builds OOB
on cygwin (CD, or recent snapshots only). However, it's still a big
package with lots of dependencies, so a prebuilt binary kit is available

Also, you can find various RPMS of perl modules at

This binary kit was compiled with: 
         make 3.78.1 
         CYGWIN=binmode tty ntea nontsec 
         sh == bash 2.03.0(2) 
         built and installed as a normal user (not Administrator) 

My test results were:

Failed Test  Status Wstat Total Fail  Failed  List of failed
lib/io_sock.t    22  5632    14    3  21.43%  12-14
op/grent.t                    1    1 100.00%  1
4 tests and 98 subtests skipped.
Failed 2/236 test scripts, 99.15% okay. 4/11933 subtests failed, 99.97%

However, Eric Fifer attained the holy grail of zero regression test
errors when he built perl-5.6.0 

All tests successful, 4 tests and 100 subtests skipped.
Files=236, Tests=11933, 178 wallclock secs (83.27 cusr + 53.55 csys =
136.82 CPU)

Chuck Wilson

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