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Re: Porting OS/2 EMX __findfirst / __findnext

Larry Hall:

> If you're using the Cygwin compiler (and not the Mingw one), you can't just
> list crtdll as a library.  You'll be mixing the MS C RT with the Cygwin one
> and that will surely crash.  If you use the Mingw compiler, you don't need
> to specify the C RT either, since you'll get one of the MS ones by default.

I am using CygWin B20. I wasn't aware that there was something like a "Mingw
compiler", since the only reference to Mingw that I have seen is the header
files and the mingw32 library included with CygWin B20...

> Since you're not trying to port a UNIX app, I'd suggest using Mingw so that
> you don't pull in the Cygwin DLL and the overhead that goes with it.  See
> Mumit Kahn's web pages for more information on the differences between the
> Cygwin compiler, the Mingw compiler, and how to build things with either/
> both.

Where can I get this Mingw?

> Alternatively, you can just use the Cygwin compiler and use _findfirst() 
> and _findnext() (or its Win32 equivalents) and add the appropriate prototype
> (if its not in the header files already).  Obviously, you can use Win32 calls
> directly....

As I said, there are prototypes in mingw32/dir.h, but the program refuses to
link if I call the functions prototyped there. If I grep for _findfirst, I
find it in the libmingw32 file, but it won't link even with that one.

And for using Win32 calls, from what I figured from the FAQ, I need to write
-mwindows to do that, and that will turn the program into a GUI application,
which I do not want...?

peter -

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