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Porting OS/2 EMX __findfirst / __findnext


I have a program that is originally written for EMX, and it uses
findfirst/findnext to read diretories. When I ported it to Linux, I used
opendir/readdir, but since that requires extra overhead (with filtering out
the files I actually want), I want to use findfirst/findnext also under

I found prototypes for _findfirst and _findnext in mingw32/dir.h, but it
doesn't compile with those, even when I try to include -lmingw32 to the gcc
command line. It *did* compile with -lcrtdll, but then the program crashes
with an unhandled exception on startup.

The program in question is a console-mode application.

I am using a configure script to try to figure out what is available or not,
has anyone ported autconf to work with Cygwin?

Also, is there any documentation that is downloadable (as opposed to the
several-HTML-document things on the Cygnus website)?

Please reply with a Cc to my address, since I have not decided whether to
start to subscribe to this mailinglist yet... 

Thanks in advance!
peter -

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