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Re: CYGWIN: New version, B21, CD 1.0 ?

On Tue, Apr 11, 2000 at 09:06:23AM +0100, Joerg Troeger wrote:
>>>I think you should consider adding a few explanations about all of this
>>>on the web site (at least in the FAQ if not in the presentation or the
>>>first page).
>>We do.  It says what the latest versions are.  What more needs to be
>>said?  Until we actually release something new, there isn't anything
>>really to say (outside the developers list, where this is all common
>What more?  It would be nice and helpful and even worth the effort, to
>have some information about the state of a soon-to-be-coming release.
>"The eCos host tools and GNU development tools are dependent on the
>forthcoming full release of the Cygwin tools (scheduled 2000-04-07).
>It will not be possible to build eCos on Windows hosts prior to the
>release of the new Cygwin tools." (
> )
>For two weeks I am looking for this forthcoming full release of the
>Cygwin tools, which has been delayed for several times.
>What's about this release?  The cygwin page doesn't mention it.
>It is interesting not only for developers, to get information about
>scheduled new releases.  Should I join to the developer mailing list,
>to get this information?

The developers list is for people who are contributing to the cygwin


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