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Re: mySQL/ODBC connectivity

On Mon, 10 Apr 2000, Sandip Bhattacharya wrote:
>I am using unixODBC on cygwin-b20 on a win95 system. I have installed a
>windows myODBC driver and defined a System DSN which i intend to use.I
>am linking the unixodbc libraries.  Now since i am using unixodbc it
>reads the /etc/odbc.ini file, while the myodbc windows drivers keeps it
>settings in c:\windows\odbc.ini file. So i generally copy the windows
>ini file on top of the /etc one.
>Now when i make a program to display the data
>sources(showSQLdatasources) it displays the datasources that are
>available(probably by reading just the INI files), including the [odbc
>32] part at the top of the file which only specifies the DSN's
>When i use the ODBC connect functions however, it doesn't find the DSN. 
>I might sound terribly confused here.(I am). But does the ODBC driver
>(that is unixODBC) try to use the windows myODBC bridge or not?? I mean
>in a cywin environment?
>Any help would be really appreciated.
>- sandip
>Sandip Bhattacharya


You can not use unixODBC on Win32. At least, that is what I know.

This issue is too specific. You would be better by mailing to unixODBC authors



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