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Re: CYGWIN: New version, B21, CD 1.0 ?

>> I think you should consider adding a few explanations about all of this on the
>> web site (at least in the FAQ if not in the presentation or the first page).

>We do.  It says what the latest versions are.  What more needs to be
>said?  Until we actually release something new, there isn't anything
>really to say (outside the developers list, where this is all common

What more? It would be nice and helpful and even worth the effort, to have
some information about the state of a soon-to-be-coming release.

"The eCos host tools and GNU development tools are dependent on the forthcoming 
full release of the Cygwin tools (scheduled 2000-04-07). It will not be possible to build
eCos on Windows hosts prior to the release of the new Cygwin tools."
( )

For two weeks I am looking for this forthcoming full release of the Cygwin tools,
which has been delayed for several times.

What's about this release? The cygwin page doesn't mention it.

It is interesting not only for developers, to get information about scheduled new releases.
Should I join to the developer mailing list, to get this information?


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