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Re: fork errors (cygcheck report)

--- Ron Huber <> wrote:
> Thanks for the response Earnie!
> Did what you recommended:
> This appears to be a setup problem to me.  Paste the output of `cygcheck -b
Oops.                                                                      -v

> -r
> -s' in a mail.
> Could you take a look at this report and let me know if the problem
> is in here?  Thanks...

1) Put the /bin first in your PATH.  You can use ~/.bashrc to change the PATH
for bash; if you're using bash as your interactive shell this works great.

2) Make sure the mksnt isn't in the PATH at all.

3) Read my webpage about updating your DLL.

4) If you have any further problems after changing your environment resend the
paste of the `cygcheck -s -v -r' output.

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