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Re: CYGWIN: New version, B21, CD 1.0 ?

> I have been using CYGWIN for two year now, but having a few problems
> with B20.1, I would like to know what the current situtation about
> versions is.

We are working on a new net release, which will be packaged completely
differently than the previous distributions.  The new distribution
will be more like djgpp, where individual packages can be updated as
needed, so hopefully you won't have to wait months or years just to
get one component updated.  We also hope that the new scheme will
foster more net involvement in keeping the net release up to date.

> The CD version (1.0) is supposed to be the same as B20.1 (from what I could
> gather, but this is not really clear).

No, the CD version is much newer than B20.1.

> What about B21 ?

The next release will be "unversioned" as each component will become
independent, so a version number for the collection would be
meaningless.  However, the version number for the cygwin component
(i.e. the dll) will be 1.1.0.  Following Linux tradition, version
numbers with odd middle parts (1.1.x, 1.3.x, etc) will be "unstable"
releases (in our case, we'll use it for net releases) and even numbers
(1.0.x, 1.2.x, etc) will be for "stable" (or in our case, commercial)
releases.  The third number changes as updates are posted.

> Is B20.1 the last "official" release on the net (by opposition to
> the snapshots) ?

So far, yes.

> Do we have to buy the CD (which I am fairly happy to consider as I am using
> CYGWIN in a corporate environment) ?

No, but you don't *have* to buy lots of things that you may *want* to
buy.  For example, the CD has a different version of gcc, which you
can't get off the net, and which includes optimizations Cygnus did for
the Intel Pentiums that you can't get in egcs.

> AND I would like to know what version is it (compared to the B ones).

Hard to say.  It's newer and it's 1.0.

> My main concern is to know how CYGNUS considers the CYGWIN project at the
> moment. Is this something CYGNUS wants to work on, or just leave to the net
> community.

We want to work on it, yes, but keep in mind that our priorities may
be different than yours (or anyone's).  So, while we may have a staff
of dedicated cygwin engineers, that doesn't mean you'll see anything
interesting to you.

> I think you should consider adding a few explanations about all of this on the
> web site (at least in the FAQ if not in the presentation or the first page).

We do.  It says what the latest versions are.  What more needs to be
said?  Until we actually release something new, there isn't anything
really to say (outside the developers list, where this is all common

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