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CYGWIN: New version, B21, CD 1.0 ?

(I am not sure if you are the right person to mail this, but I could not find a
reference to mail, except to the mailing list, and I wanted a CYGNUS anwer. Feel
free to forward)

I looked at the FAQ, the mailing list, the web site: I can not find any answers
! ! ;-(

I have been using CYGWIN for two year now, but having a few problems with B20.1,
I would like to know what the current situtation about versions is.

The last "official" version B20.1 is from end of 1998 (MORE THAN A YEAR AGO ! !
The CD version (1.0) is supposed to be the same as B20.1 (from what I could
gather, but this is not really clear).

What about B21 ?

Is B20.1 the last "official" release on the net (by opposition to the snapshots)
Do we have to buy the CD (which I am fairly happy to consider as I am using
CYGWIN in a corporate environment) ? But in this case, I would like to have a
fairly clear (well, we know we are talking about software ;-) ) releases road
map. AND I would like to know what version is it (compared to the B ones).

My main concern is to know how CYGNUS considers the CYGWIN project at the
moment. Is this something CYGNUS wants to work on, or just leave to the net

I think you should consider adding a few explanations about all of this on the
web site (at least in the FAQ if not in the presentation or the first page).

Thank you for your help,
Laurent ROCHE


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