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Re: bash bug with SSH and password prompt

--- Timothee Besset <> wrote:
> hello
> I'm using cygwinb20.1 and SSH on win98se. I have a port of SSH to win32,
> the binaries are from a .. but I've had the same
> problems with other binary distributions:
> when I connect somewhere with ssh -l user hostname, I get a password prompt
> and it doesn't wait for me to enter stuff, it returns to bash prompt with a
> "permission denied" error. when I launch ssh from a DOS box it works ..
> I suspect this is fixed in a more up-to-date version of bash .. where can I
> get binary snapshots, and how easy are they to install? The cygwinb20.1 is
> pretty old no? Do you guys have plans for a new release?

When communicating with NON-CYGWIN programs you must have CYGWIN=notty before
starting bash.  

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