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usertools installation update


I rebooted my NT,
executed usertools.
went to folder it created
ran setup.exe
installed ok
I went back and it now let me delete all extra folders including the
setup.exe in them

regards, Bob Strunce

I am running windowsNT service pack 4
I down loaded the usertools.exe from one of your suggested sites.
It was down loaded into C:\temp\usertools.exe
It is about 3MB.  I also read the info on installing.
I double clicked on ustertools.exe
it created a folder "pft98~tmp" but it did not give me any information that
is had done so.
I clicked on it a again and noticed that it was infact unpacking some stuff
as noted in a small dialog with a thermaometer bar -- it disapeared without
any info.  Now I have a folder "pft99~tmp".  I tried to delete these
folders and start over but it deleted everything in them but setup.exe
which it will not delete.  

Robert Strunce                      		|| voice: 703-759-2933
Star Technologies Corporation       	|| fax:   703-759-3266
10303 Galpin Court                  	|| cell:  703-629-2933
Great Falls, VA 22066               	|| internet:
USA                                 		||  

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