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Re: bug or feature

On Wed, Apr 05, 2000 at 11:05:01PM +0200, stefan wrote:
>2) Do Home and End work ? At my installation these keys produce a single
>   tilde (~).

That would depend on what you have your term type set to and if the key
definitions are part of the termcap or terminfo settings for the terminal
type.  I've just added them to the standard termcap that is bundled with

>3) Windows95 crashes now on Ctrl-C, that is *really* annoying ! Can anyone
>   help ? Windows NT does not.

What does "crashes now on Ctrl-C" mean?  You run bash and hit CTRL-C and
your Windows 95 system crashes?  Or, does just bash die?  If so, does
bash produce an error message?

>4) The bash produces now permission errors. Also very annoying. When
>   typing:
>   $ cat <<FOO
>   > 1
>   > 2
>   > 3
>   > FOO
>   you should get:
>   1
>   2
>   3
>   But i get something like "cannot document here: permission denied".
>   This is only when using bash.exe, sh.exe works out fine. Before i made
>   the above update it worked with bash too.

I don't see this, but I'm running the latest snapshot.  Is there some
reason why you decided to run an older snapshot?

>5) The newly created directory i686-??? for the header files is not
>   automatically used by the compiler. I guess these are just for another
>   target. But i would like to use the updated headers, because
>   "vsnprintf(), snprintf()" and other fixes from earlier headers.

Update your gcc.  See Mumit Khan's web page for details.  Check out for a link to his web page.


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