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Re: B20.1: File permissions

Kevin Wright wrote:
> [...]
> Anyway I was informed if I downloaded a later snapshot, and set CYGWIN=ntsec
> then this would solve my problem.
> Sure enough the ls -l and test -w inconsistency disappeared under these
> conditions.  Now I have the marvellous state of affairs where ls -l says a
> file is writable and attrib says the file is read only.

It's a bug in the latest snapshots. When ntsec is set, only the
security attributes are taken into account but the old DOS file
attributes are ignored.

The problem is that NTFS has both attribute types which may differ.
You, as the owner of the file, have security attributes that allow
writing while the old DOS type file attribute has the read-only bit
set. This is sick, IMHO, but you are right: It should be handled.

I will fix it in one of the next snapshots.

Nevertheless I would like to suggest _not_ using the old DOS
attributes on NTFS. When using ntsec, you have nearly full access
to the NTFS security attributes. The latest snapshots include
tools named 'getfacl' and 'setfacl' to additionally  get/set
attributes that are not related to user/group/other.

> Would purchasing Cygwin 1.0 help to solve my problems ?



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