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Re: Compile Win MFC C++ Code Questions

On Fri, 28 Jan 2000, Brian Keener wrote:

> First - I am a newbie programming in the C++ language but have been trying to 
> learn.  I have managed to put a few things together using cygwin-b20 and 
> mingw and I have also been using the VIDE Development environment along with 
> the VGUI libs that are available as well.   I found some code in Windows 
> Developers Journal for a Tabbed Document interface which is supposed to be an 
> expansion on the SDI and MDI interface common to Microsoft and I wanted to 
> give it a try.   I loaded it into my Vide Editor and tried to compile it.  
> After first working out a few makefile glitches it finally burped telling me 
> some requested headers were not found like afxwin.h and afxext.h.  Sure 
> enough a search of my system revealed no header files by those names and a 
> wealth of others.  

GCC does not support MFC, sorry. 

two issues:

1. MFC is a C++ library, and hence needs to compiled with GCC to be usable
   with GCC code. I don't know if anyone has modified MFC to be compilable
   with GCC yet (it uses quite a few MS-specific extensions).

2. If you succeed with step 1, there are issues with copyright, so you may 
    or may not be able to redistribute the resulting DLL.


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