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Re: readline misbehaving

--- Sean Kelly <> wrote:
> The readline in cygwin bash is a fickle beast.
> All I want is to turn off horizontal-scroll-mode.  And maybe
> the annoying bell, too.
> After stumbling on the fact that your .inputrc needs to use
> Unix line-ending conventions, I was finally able to get the
> damn file read. I can verify that it gets read in by setting
> the editing-mode.  But the settings of
> horizontal-scroll-mode to off and bell-style to none are
> totally ignored.
> I know I'm not the only one who's encountered this problem
> by searching the cygwin mailing list archives.
> Unfortunately, there were no replies to my colleague's
> message lamenting his similar frustration.
> Has anyone figured out what needs to be done to get *all* of
> the settings in the .inputrc file to take effect?  Why are
> some settings honored and others totally ignored?

I posted a patch to readline-2.0 a couple of months ago.  Find it in the
archives, get the bash-2.03 or greater source, apply the patches to the
lib/readline directory and rebuild bash.

Will this solve your problem?  I dunno, but you'll be closer.

Earnie Boyd <>
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