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Broken C code


I have managed to break my ability to compile a number of C programs with gcc 
2.7B19 under cygwin B19.1.

In September 1999, all of these programs compiled successfully on the same 
machine with the same cygwin environment.

Now, all of the programs involved fail to compile with the same error messages 
and I haven't a clue as to why.

In all cases, the following code is included from a vendor-specific set of 

typedef  IDI_ULONG  (__attribute__((__stdcall__))  *  OPI_DELETE_CALLBACK )  (OPI_CONID, OPI_FILEID);^M
__declspec(dllexport)   IDI_USHORT  __attribute__((__stdcall__))   OpiMakeConnection( OPI_PCONID pConID );^M

(This is just two of many similar lines)

This produces the following compiler message:

../include/opiob.h: In function '__declspec':
In file included from ../include/opi.h:283,
                       from cic.h:1,
                       from getpk.c:1
../include/opiob.h:141 parse error before '__declspec'
../include/opiob.h:140 declaration for parameter 'OpiMakeConnection' but no 
such parameter

followed by a whole bundle of similar errors.

Can anyone please explain to me what I have done/not done to cause this 
misinterpretation of the __declspec(dllexport) syntax?

Cheers and thanks,
Stephen Davies

Stephen Davies Consulting	  
Adelaide, South Australia.     		          Voice: 08-8177 1595
Computing & Network solutions.	 	      Fax: 08-8177 0133

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