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RE: Linking problems

--- Andre Oliveira da Costa <> wrote:
> > Get a binutils snapshot from Mumit's ftp site or rename collect2
> > so that it's
> > not found and ld is used directly.
> Mmmh... been there, but the snapshots seem to be older than the binutils
> package shipped with gcc-2.95.2:
> (contents of directory /pub/khan/gnu-win32/cygb20/snapshots)
> binutils-19990808/       dlltool/                 gcc-2.95-19990715/
> binutils-19990818/       gcc-2.95-19990609/       libstdc++-v3-19990717/
> binutils-19990911/       gcc-2.95-19990626/       libstdc++-v3-2.90.7/
> I am trying to download binutils-000127.tar.bz2 directly from
>, but I'm not sure I should use one of Mumit's
> snapshots instead. Could you (or Mumit, or anybody ;) ) shed some light
> here? In the meantime, I renamed collect2 to _collect2, and now I got the
> good old message

Can't help on this.  Never tried a binutils build.

> foo.c: undefined reference to xxxx
> back. Odd thing: the linker output message appears slowly on my terminal,
> one char at a time (the rest of the output appears normally). Is this caused
> by the absence of collect2?

Copy ld.exe from the bin directory to the same directory as collect2.  Modify
the specs file and substitute collect2 to ld.

Earnie Boyd <>
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