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Re: Network drives in telnet session?

On Wed, 26 Jan 2000, Corinna Vinschen wrote:

> Egor Duda wrote:
> > [...]
> > try to use UNC names. i.e. you can create system mounts with command,
> > similar to
> > 
> > mount -b -s -f \\server\share /net/server/share
> > 
> > (note: if you're issuing your command from bash or sh, you should
> > duplicate every '\')
> And for your convenience: You may use forward slashes in the native
> path as well:
> 	mount -b -s -f //server/share /net/server/share

Thanks to everyone who responded to my problem with inaccessible network
shares in a telnet session.  Unfortunately, none of the suggestions
changed the problem one iota!

The behavior is quite strange.  I have found only one way to make shares

1) Disconnect all shares from the control panel.
2) Reboot the computer.
3) Telnet in (no shares available initially).
4) Establish the shares with 'net use ..'.

(Note: The mount specification is irrelevant to my problem.  They still
show up in the mount table under situations where the actual directories
are not accessible).

5) Mount them to the Cygwin filesystem (if not already in the table).

For the duration of this session, they work fine.  If I log off and telnet
back in, no go.  'net use' reports the shares as being connected to the
appropriate disks, but "unavailable" (no further explanation).

I can do a 'net use /delete' on the shares and they disappear from the
'net use' reports.  However, any attempt at remounting yields an error
message that " letter conflicts with local device..".

Here's the interesting part:

If I log in at the WinNT desktop, the shares show up as "conventional"
drive icons (though 'net use' continues to claim that nothing is
connected) and are not accessible to anyone, including Administrator. The
only way to recover is to reboot and reestablish the shares manually.

and so on...

I'm about out of ideas.


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