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RE: Linking problems

(please refer to previous email for the explanation of the problem)


making some more tests, I realized that some -L directives for the linker
were missing, and this obviously explains why the linker was unable to link
the application. But, the strange thing is: the linker does not spit any
warning like "cannot find symbol xxx (foo.c)". I'm not sure this is the
default behavior, but I'm sure I had this kind of output on my Linux box
(older version of gcc, though).

Also, I cannot seem to be able to pass parameters directly to the linker via
the -Xlinker [param] scheme. It doesn't work with -Wl,[parm] either.
However, if I try to use the linker directly (i.e. "ld -o foo.exe ..."
instead of "gcc -o foo.exe ..."), I do see some reaction to parameters
like -M. It looks like gcc is ignoring it... Is anybody else also
experiencing this?

(using gcc 2.95.2, ld 2.9.4, uname -a = "CYGWIN_NT-4.0 COSTA
22.0(0.16/3/2) 1999-11-23 09:38:16 i586 unknown")


André Oliveira da Costa

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