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Re: cygwin.dll


 From what you mention, it appears that the ACE documentation is 
out-of-date w.r.t. the current Cygwin file layout and names. I'm 
pretty sure ACE is meant to be used with current Cygwin software, and 
at this point beta 18 is pretty old and not recommended by Cygnus or 
other Cygwin users.

If you're doing "serious" ACE or TAO (the CORBA ORB and services 
package written with ACE), then you should join the ace-users and / 
or tao-users mailing lists. Visit 
<> for a complete list 
of lists and subscription instructions.

Randy Schulz
Teknowledge Corp.
Palo Alto, CA USA

At 11:23 -0500 1/25/00, Nguyen, Dien wrote:
>Hello Sir?Madam,
>This is Dien Nguyen. I am working on the Adaptive Communication Environment
>. This is a portability language that we can port the code into many
>different OS. On the instruction of ACE 's web site, the cygwin.dll is
>needed. I am looking for the cygwin.dll form your web. but I am not able to
>find it ???. Could you please tell me where I can get it. Also, do you have
>any idea of when the instruction said we need to set the these paths:
>what version of cygnus will give this file structures after cygwin installed
>succesful on drive C ?. I download and install the full.exe. It give me a
>diferent structure such as
>/cygnus/cygwinb20/H-i386-cygwin32. but I am not able to find the tcl\bin
>I would be very much appriciated for your help and your time and look
>forward to hear frm you soon
>Best Regards
>Dien Nguyen
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