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Re: Network drives in telnet session?


Jan 25 2000 Steven N. Hirsch wrote:

SNH> After a protracted battle, I finally have Cygwin inetd working properly
SNH> and can successfully telnet into a cygwin session.  Unfortunately, I
SNH> cannot access any mounted shares from such a login!  The cygwin 'mount'
SNH> and NT 'net' commands show the drives as being mounted, but any access is
SNH> met with "permission denied".

SNH> My session seems to be running under the correct NT user and group ids,
SNH> and I'm even able to umount and remount the shares!  I just can't do
SNH> anything with them.  The only obvious problem reported by 'net use' is
SNH> that the shares appear as "unavailable" in the telnet session.

SNH> I have tried having the inetd service run as 'System' and 'Administrator'
SNH> with no change in the misbehavior.

SNH> If I start a shell directly on the NT box, everything is fine.

SNH> Any hints?

try to use UNC names. i.e. you can create system mounts with command,
similar to

mount -b -s -f \\server\share /net/server/share

(note: if you're issuing your command from bash or sh, you should
duplicate every '\')

if you want to access network from your account only, you can create
user mounts instead of system ones.

i'm working for a long time in such environment with no problems.

Egor.   ICQ 5165414 FidoNet 2:5020/496.19

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