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Start background process under bash

I have a bash script in which I start another script in the background
with the usual
	bgJob &
Works fine under Linux.  Under Cygwin b20.1 with Win95/98 I get an
annoying "illegal operation" popup every time, but the thing runs in the
background ok anyway, and the calling script continues in parallel.

As a workaround for the illegal op, I switched to using the following in
my bash script /c start bash "bgJob"
It seems to me this just tells the DOS shell to do essentially the same
thing, and everything works ok, no popup.  Any number of processes seem
to run just fine in parallel.

Then I switched to NT4 (where the start command has slightly different
switches from Win9x).  Neither of the above works.  No popup, but the
calling script always *waits* for the background process, which doesn't
make a helluva lot of sense.

I assume the start command syntax is off-topic in this list, but I would
be interested if anyone knows what's wrong with "bgJob &".  Or if anyone
has another workaround for bash/Cygwin under NT, I would be very pleased
to hear about it.


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