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Native Win32 compiling... strange error

Hi. Well, I read the fact and searched the archives the best I knew 
how. Here's what I'm trying to do:

Using the b20 standard release, I am attempting to compile a native 
windows application with gcc. The include files I am using are 
the ones in Microsoft's own SDK, and I am expecting to link 
with the libs there as well. I am, in fact, attempting to compile 
the "Brouhahah" example from (chapter 13?) _Inside Direct X_.
Here is, literally, what happens:

jkraska% gnumake --unix 
mkdir -p ./WIN98 
gcc -c -mno-cygwin -mwindows -g -I/g/sdk/Include -DNT brouhaha.C -o 
In file included from \g\sdk\Include\windef.h:166, 
from \g\sdk\Include\windows.h:171, 
from brouhaha.h:6, 
from brouhaha.C:1: 
\g\sdk\Include\winnt.h:705: #error Must define a target architecture. 
make: *** [WIN98/brouhaha.o] Error 1

Some clarification: "brouhaha.h" is the first file included by 
"brouhaha.C". "windows.h" is the first file included by "brouhaha.h". 
I'm unclear why what happens next happens. Obviously "winnt.h" is 
being included and a preprocessor #if/else combination is not happy. 
I am compiling under Windows 98, so I'm unclear why "winnt.h" is 
being included, but I am assuming right now that it's normal and 
somehow related to portability. But the failure to find a define 
is not normal, so am I doing something wrong???

Does anyone know?

It appears that winnt.h expects a #define to have been
#defined. It's a bit irregular that I should be expected to do
this myself, however, so I'm worried that I'm not invoking
the compiler correctly.

Joe Kraska 
San Diego 

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