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Re: Security Documentation, SSH

Wow, maybe the language was a little strong but really folks...

The 8 millions dollars spent on a Manhattan apartment was real enough, and
stung like hell, I might add.  In 1990 I ended a 10 yr battle w/ realtors,
arsonists, corrupt police and crack gangs in the business of forced evictions
to try to help bring the world together with the newly emerging public network.
 I was on board when Linus was still undergrad.

I have recently re-entered that battle because of bird poisonings which were
featured in National Geo special just yesterday.  There is no mystery as to who
is doing it as they implied, it is a coalition, if you will, of real estate
managers, I caught one red-handed where I live.  And Red Hat... oh well never

Really lame flames like:

> Where the &#*@&!#$ did you EVER get that idea?
> Cygwin is free, you ingrate; appreciate what you're getting!

Can be answered by saying something like 

"you get what you pay for"

which is exactly what I hear whenever public s/w falters.  Usually it gets
followed by some remark about how easy it would be to replace the admin who
brought in the s/w in the first place.

Others like:

>you've suffered some kind of severe brain damage.

make you look like a &#*@&!#$ 'n newbie.  Its better to say something like "you
are obviously running low on cranial fluid."  And they said the net was dead.

Obviously this is not the first time I heard cygnus ask for huge sums for
minute work or I would not have phrased it the way I did.  About six months ago
I had to listen to a cygnus sales staffer literally scream the gnu copyleft
contract at me like it was the riot act.

She (oops) wanted $30,000 for a 5 minute fix which I got later that day from
the NOAA.

More numbers:
The cygnus buyout was for $700,000,000 dollars, read it, NEARLY ONE BILLION !!!

Red Hat was at $10,000,000,000 the last time I looked.  COUNT THE ZEROS !!!

My SSH suggestion was simple, it would mean going back to the code used in the
original source, NOT writing any new code.  Plus I hoped that hint would be
taken that perl fixes would be available from me for the admin side.

Admin and evangelism are all I do.  Everybody in the free s/w arena is still
scratching gravel w/ the exception Red Hat and VA and cyngus.  Throw the
$8,000,000 apartment in and I do think I have a case in suggesting a tiny
security adjustment to SSH.

I dont want to get involved w/ cygnus interal affairs, but I will give the
following advice:

Security is the primary issue to IT executives  Cygwin is a sellable product
because they, well, basically think Gates is something like God, despite recent
decisions by the DOJ and federal courts.  My boss wants it but...

> I don't live in New York.  I
> live in a house with a mortgage.  AFAIK, we've only got one NY employee
> and he has contributed more time to free software than anyone else I
> know.
> I have to wonder if you are devoting your time so freely, why not devote
> a little of it to the Cygwin free software project?  If you want
> something done, then dive right in and do it.  I'll set up a mailing
> list for you if you want to do this.  I'll set aside space on our web
> and ftp servers.  I, personally, however, don't feel like taking on the
> this project as an after business hours venture right now.  I will
> applaud you or anyone else who wants to consider doing it.
> The bottom line is that neither I, nor Red Hat, is obligated to embark on
> a project simply because you think it is a nifty idea.
> >Linux and the whole public s/w venue is a gift, but only if the given
> >to keep on giving.
> If you are going to imply something, why not come right out and say it?
> I have no idea what you're talking about.
> Are you implying that Red Hat has not given enough to the free software
> community?  Are you saying Cygnus has not given enough?
> Are you implying that if you see a need in a free software project then
> the developers should immediately jump on it and give you what you need?
> Or is this just a lofty statement meant to inspire us towards greater
> effort towards working on Linux?  Hmm.  How did Linux suddenly enter
> this equation?
> >Consider this in the light that it is meant.
> You have used phrases like "getting a little tired of hearing this",
> made unsubstantiated assertions of million dollar apartments, and
> discounted the years of contributions to the free software community
> that Cygnus and Red Hat have made.
> So, I am considering this in *exactly* the light in which it was meant.
> -Christopher Faylor
> -Cygwin Engineering Manager
> -Red Hat

John van Vlaanderen

      #    CXN, Inc. Contact:                 #
      #,  #
      #    1 917 309 7379 (cell, voice mail)  #                   
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