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Re: Security Documentation, SSH

"John van V." wrote:

> > We would certainly consider changing this if a customer wanted to pay
> > for this work.  It would be a very interesting project.
> I, for one, am getting a little tired of hearing this from your organization.

And I get tired of hearing people like you dump on those who have given
so much to the open source community.

No one is forcing you to use anything from Cygnus (oops, Red Hat), so if
you're tired of them, find another solution.  Many of us are incredibly
grateful for all they've done, and understand the balance between what they
provide for the community and what they charge for.  If you can't, fine.

> I am founding a perl group which will not only preach to educators the cost
> effectiveness of our swiss-army-chain-saw, but teach business types as well,
> for free.

Great, but irrelevant.

> An this w/o the support of our employers.  You guys, on the other hand are
> rolling in dough, spending millions on NY apartments, etc, etc...

OK, it's all becoming clearer now - you've suffered some kind of severe
brain damage.

> Linux and the whole public s/w venue is a gift, but only if the given to keep
> on giving.
> Consider this in the light that it is meant.

Right.  In light of your obvious insanity, it all makes much more sense.

Good luck with your endeavors.


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