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standard directory for w32api headers and libraries

OK, I've done my best to find the answer to what I'm guessing is a FAQ but
I guess my best isn't good enough...

Is there a standard place to install the w32api headers and libraries?
Should they be put in /cygnus/cygwin-b20?  In
Some place entirely different?

I realize I could put them anywhere and modify specs but I'm wondering if
there is a "standard" place to put them?

Thanks in advance,


P.S. I tired sending this from my standard account, but I got back a 
message saying my address was blocked by ORBS.  However, when I checked
the link to the orbs site, it said my address was OK.  Here's the link:

Did ORBS make a mistake or am I not reading this right?  FYI, the
address is the mailer for Time-Warner Road Runner in Austin, TX.  If
the address truly is forwarding spam, I'll start talking to the sys
adm's at road runner.  But it's hard to start when the ORBS page says:

--> has previously been tested by ORBS and appears to be OK. 

Any insight people can give would be appreciated.

"Life's too short for worrying. Yes, that's what worries me. " 

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