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Re: cygwin bash groks PATH wrong

On Fri, 14 Jan 2000, Bob McGowan wrote:

> Peter,
> I don't think this can qualify as a bug.  Though relative paths don't
> really make sense in either the DOS/Windows world or the UNIX world, you
> can change your path to include them.  I think this is true also on
> DOS/Windows, with the added issue of drives and their current directory
> concepts.  This means for DOS I could have a directory with no drive
> letter, so it is only valid when the drive it is on is current.

 I'd agree with that, except that I think it is a bug because there
is no way //cfoo can be considered correct.  Maybe cygwin (or bash,
whichever one is doing the dos->unix style path translation) should
translate c:foo to a simple relative PATH of foo, dropping the drive
letter.  This is right sometimes, and avoids putting a bogus UNC name in
the PATH.  Even better would be to print a warning before doing this, so
the user could fix their (probably typo'd) DOS path.
> Do you have any control over the local computer you are running bash
> on?  You may be able to effect some repair in the Control
> Panel->System's environment tab.  If not, you should have complete
> control over your personal setup of Cygwin and should be able to either
> set the PATH exactly as you like in your .profile or .bashrc (i.e. don't
> put a $PATH on the right side), or even run the existing DOS/Windows
> path through sed or awk to munge it up the way you need it.

 Luckily, the CS help desk listens to bug reports, and fixed their typo in
the DOS path.  :)


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