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Re[2]: winsup/


> It sounds like you're fixing the symptom rather than the problem.
> In what situations is $dir empty?  It is never supposed to be empty.

I Found it first in 20000105 snapshot. But error is still there (20000108).
Look at and
: winver_stamp: include/cygwin/version.h winver.rc $(DLL_OFILES)
:               @echo "Making version.o and winver.o";\
:               $(SHELL) ${word 1,$^} ${word 2,$^} ${word 3,$^} $(WINDRES); \
: incfile="$1"                ( $incfile=="include/cygwin/version.h" )
: dir=`dirname $incfile`      ( $dir=="include/cygwin" )
: dir=`echo $dir | sed -e 's%/include/cygwin.*$%%' -e 's%include/cygwin.*$%%'`
                              ( $dir=="" )
: $windres --include-dir $dir/../w32api/include ....

So no paths will be added to standard include path.
At work I have very old snapshot which have old winapi headers ( and
doesn't have winver.h.
Look at winver.rc:
: #include <winver.h>

At home I have 20000105 installed so error doesn't appear.

That's all

Best regards,
Alexey Voinov

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