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Re: [mingw32] Re: [RFC] changing gcc default output executable na me (a.exe now)

On Thu, Jan 13, 2000 at 06:55:27PM -0200, Andre Oliveira da Costa wrote:
>>I agree, Andre.  I suggested, years ago now, that the .exe suffix be an
>>optional configuration whose default is off.  It isn't needed by the
>>Bourne shells we use to execute the programs.  I would like to see this
>>as optional with say a GCC_SUFFIX=.exe environment variable.  If
>>GCC_SUFFIX exists it uses the value to append to the executable output
>It seems like a good (and simple) solution to me.  With that, UNIX
>software compiled directly from source would compile/install flawlessly
>if GCC_SUFFIX is undefined or defined as an empty var.  And, the folks
>who need the .exe suffix (as stated by Matthew on a message to this
>thread) could just add "export GCC_SUFFIX=" to their .bashrc startup

If someone wants to submit a patch to the gcc maintainers I'm sure that
they will give it their attention.

In fact, if you Cc me, I will talk to people at Cygnus about it and try
to advocate that it be installed.

I would suggest that somebody who feels strongly about it should start
working on this ASAP.


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