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RE: [mingw32] Re: [RFC] changing gcc default output executable na me (a.exe now)

--- Andre Oliveira da Costa <> wrote:
> Mmmh... ok, I agree this would solve the problem for packages which use
> autoconf/automake. But those who don't are still in the dark. The worst of
> it all is that the .exe suffix is added by ld -- it is as if cygwin creates
> problems for itself...
> (before flaming starts: I know there's a very good reason for the insertion
> of the .exe suffix: it has to be added so that the files can be seen as
> executables by Windoze -- another great feature (?) by M$oft... =T As I
> said, I just think it would be nice to have this .exe suffix handled
> transparently, since it is automagically created)

I agree, Andre.  I suggested, years ago now, that the .exe suffix be an
optional configuration whose default is off.  It isn't needed by the Bourne
shells we use to execute the programs.  I would like to see this as optional
with say a GCC_SUFFIX=.exe environment variable.  If GCC_SUFFIX exists it uses
the value to append to the executable output file.

Earnie Boyd <>
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