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RE: [mingw32] Re: [RFC] changing gcc default output executable name (a.exe now)

I'd like to ask for comments on another issue related to portability from
UNIX --> cygwin, compilation etc.: the way it is now, the linker
automagically appends a .exe suffix to the executable filename. If you do

gcc -o foo foo.o

ld will create foo.exe . I wouldn't complain about it except for the fact
that this imposes a serious restriction to portability. For example, usually
when I try to install a just-compiled application through "make install",
all the cp, mv, chmod, strip and install rules refer to "foo" and not
"foo.exe", and therefore they (rightfully) complain about missing files. So,
even if the compilation goes out well,  there's always some makefile
tweaking involved.

I don't think tweaking all these applications to look for "foo.exe" if they
can't find "foo" would be the right thing. But I would really like to be
able to install the applications I compile without having to tweak all the
makefiles. Maybe the solution would be not to add the .exe suffix...

Am I missing something or is this a real problem?

André Oliveira da Costa

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