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Re: getc() problem with Cygwin v1.0

On Thu, Jan 13, 2000 at 12:24:12PM -0500, wrote:
>> If you need to wait until "RETURN" is pressed maybe you have succes with
>> "gets()". Using "scanf()" is dangerous, because sometimes "RETURN" is left in
>> the buffer.
>Yes, using gets() or fgets() for a small program would work better, but
>the real problem is that canonical mode is broken for v1.0 (the man
>page for "termio" explains this in detail, but it basically means getc(stdin)
>should block until a carriage return is entered).  Canonical mode also
>allows the user to backspace over his mistakes -- which also doesn't work
>with v1.0.

I just tried cat >/dev/null using the cygwin CD.  I could edit the line
as expected.  I tried this from the command line, under bash, and under
/bin/sh.  All of them worked fine.

I think that if canonical mode was really broken we would have heard about
it from a numbe of different directions by now.

I also tried your test case, which worked as expected.

As a wild guess, it sounds like you may not be using the Cygwin 1.0 DLL.


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