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Calling cygwin32_conv_to_full_win32_path from a MSVC app

  I'm trying to convert from UNIX paths to NT paths inside an app that has
been built under MSVC. I was hoping to do this by pulling in the
cygwin19.dll and then calling the conversion function.
  I can see from the mailing list (I used egroups, which had the best
message interface that I saw, to do the search) that this has been discussed
quite a bit. After an hour of looking I wasn't able to fix the problem. Here
is what I'm doing now.

  Building a console application.

#include <iostream>

extern "C" {
  void dll_noncygin_dllcrt0 (void);
  void cygwin32_conv_to_full_win32_path (const char *cygwin, char *result);

int main (void)
  char result[1000];
  dll_noncygwin_dllcrt0 ();
  cygwin32_conv_to_full_win32_path ("/d0dist/dist/releases", result);
  std::cout << result << std::endl;
  return 0;

I link it against a .lib that I built for the cygwin dll by doing a dumpbin
/exports and then parsing that to make up a .def file. The stacksize in the
def file is 10K and the heapsize is 2k (hmm, let me make that lots bigger --
at 20K still makes the same error). I'm pretty inexperienced with DLLs, so
this could be the problem.

At any rate, when I do the call, it crashes with access violation in the dll
(inside the cygwin32_conv_to_full_win32_path function). Is there anything
obvious I'm doing wrong? Many thanks.


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