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Re[2]: SSH 1 Server and the Passwd file


Jan 11 2000 Chris Faylor wrote:

>>I foolishly tried to make crypts w/ perl ( perl -e 'print -e ( "secretpasswd",
>>"salt" )
>>But is that such a bad idea ??
>>Ok, confession time, I am ~not~ a c programmer, though I wish I were.
>>Would it be easy just to revert to the un/linix format ??, especially when the
>>cygwin docs pretty well dont want you to allow cygwin to be multi-user if
>>security in involved ??

CF> It's certainly possible to do.  If you're asking if this will magically appear
CF> in a future release, the answer is probably no, unless you can find somebody
CF> willing to invest time in doing this.

I've thought about this problem some time ago. I'm using Corinna's port
of cron, and it uses encrypted versions of clear-text windows passwords.
It's better than nothing, but not very secure. As microsoft docs
state, it's still possible to start process in other security context
without supplying clear-text password, but it requires custom "local
security authority" (LSA) to be written. Maybe i'll try to write one
and implement something similar to md5 passwords. And then it could be
possible to port setuid programs like cron and sudo in more unix-like

Egor.   ICQ 5165414 FidoNet 2:5020/496.19

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