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Re: Help about windows programming please

Your problem is wrong use of windres!

Windres produces an object-file, which must be linked with the other object

windres -o my_resource.o -i my_resource.rc

gcc -o my.exe first.o second.o myresurce.o -mwindows

See the tutorial from Collin Peters

CRETEL Dominique wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm not on the mailing list but would like to ask a question about using
> cygwin to create gui windows application.
> So reply me to my e-mail address please.
> I would like to compile a program with a resource file.
> For example:
> I have a C file: somefile.c and a resource file somefile.rc, and I would
> like to build an executable file: somefile.exe to use in windows
> environment.
> So I have to do something like:
>           gcc -c -O2 -Wall -o somefile.o -mno-cygwin -mwindows
> somefile.c
> and something like:
>           windres somefile.rc somefile.res
> But what I do to build an executable file with somefile.o and
> somefile.res????
> Thanks,
> Dominique Critel
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