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SSH and terminal emulator problems

I have recently installed SSH1&2. from
and I have the same problems as reported here several times.
Maybe related to /dev/tty.  I am absolutely novice about what /dev/tty is.
The nearest symptom is:

Mail Archives: cygwin/1998/01/11/14:13:31

> Also concerning the terminal, when I first log in with ssh, it seems to
> pause waiting for some keyboard input (which isn't the normal behavior),
> and sometimes starts spitting out "invalid escape" errors until I

And in fact, there are already given good solutions:
1) get Fsecure ssh.
2) build ncurses and 'tset -s -Q -l ansi'?
3) rxvt(runs without Xserver)
4) install Xserver and xterm (or kterm = kanji xterm)

I have tried 3)(, and it works fine, except
that it does not support locale and does not print Japanese.  I prefer DOS
which prints Japanese, but it waits for inputs with SSH as reported above.
I'm afraid to install Xserver into my poor machine.
(and TTSSH( is not enough for me
since it does not support SSH2)

Anyway, it seems there is no complete answer for me.
Anybody can teach me why DOS window (or emacs shell-mode) is
so incomplete in emulating terminals?  What is /dev/tty?


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