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Re: cygwin poll

On Sun, 9 Jan 2000, Jeff Sturm wrote:

> I created a zero-length file named "aux" in the POSIX subsystem (which
> has no similar restrictions on file naming).  Windows Explorer sees the
> file, but can't access it in any way.  Trying to open it (with either a
> right-click or double-click) hangs Explorer.  I'm forced to kill
> Explorer from the Task Manager, or log out to resume my session.
> This seems like a bug in Windows Explorer, but we can't prevent it
> without avoiding reserved names completely, so that'd be my
> recommendation.

I voted "no", and precisely because of the reason Jeff gives here.
What I recommend however, is to trap the open/creat'ing of such 
files and issue an error.

I remember trying to untar sendmail 8.9.3 source archive and it would
just hang until I figured that out there was file named aux.m4. I'd
rather have seen an error from tar, while it proceeds to create the
rest of the files instead of hanging. 


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