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Re: cygwin poll

Andre Oliveira da Costa wrote:
> It sounds great! (I myself had already have problems due to this odd
> behavior of Windows). But, what exactly do you mean with "regular
> Windows tools can't deal with the 'usual' way"? Will I be able to list,
> rename and delete these files with Windows Explorer or will it be
> possible only through cygwin commands?

I tried a little experiment... based on the results I would have voted
the other way (I originally voted "Yes").

I created a zero-length file named "aux" in the POSIX subsystem (which
has no similar restrictions on file naming).  Windows Explorer sees the
file, but can't access it in any way.  Trying to open it (with either a
right-click or double-click) hangs Explorer.  I'm forced to kill
Explorer from the Task Manager, or log out to resume my session.

This seems like a bug in Windows Explorer, but we can't prevent it
without avoiding reserved names completely, so that'd be my

Jeff Sturm

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