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Re: problem with JAVA and global constructors in dll

On Fri, 7 Jan 2000, Dr. Schroeder, Klaus wrote:

> I'm running a Java-application using native IO-routines from my.dll,
> which I built using the rules outlined by Mumit Kahn in his
> java-jni-examples. The example runs just fine including the calling of
> the global constructor, but using my own functions crashes with a
> segmentation violation in ioctl.
> Using gdb and a cygwin1.dll-Version with symbols I found, that ioctl
> uses a global instance of class locker defined in (locker __tn
> NO_COPY;).  This instance apparently was not initalized, which caused
> the segmentation violation.
> My Question: Why are the global constructors of cygwin1.dll not called,
> when used in the above fashion? Is there a way to call them explicitly?

Global constructors are certainly called, but there are issues in Cygwin
itself that may cause this problem unless you're using the latest Cygwin
DLL (and using one of my patches that's not in the snapshot itself -- cgf
is evaluating it).

Linkname: (patch) enable signals in dynamically loaded Cygwin DLL

If you send me the code for JNI (hopefully a trimmed down case that shows
the bug), I'll take a look.


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