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cygwin,wine,freebsd: Summary

OK, I've finished what I have to do.  I can now cross-build the .EXE
files on FreeBSD using the same tools the end customer will use,
and test simple .EXEs under wine.  

FreeBSD 3.3, Wine patches
cygwin b20.1
wine wine-991212

Bootstrapping host tools:

../src/configure --prefix=/usr/local/cygb20.1 --target=i586-cygwin32 -v

There are two problems in this part.

The first is that when building "diff"
HAVE_SETMODE configures in and calls the 4.4 setmode which has
a different number of arguments.  I'm not good with the configure,
so I took out the bootstrap of "diff" since I don't need it.

The second is that the install in winsupp keeps wiping out /dev/null,
I assume by "creat"ing it.

I changed the install to this:

--- ./cygwin-b20.1/src/winsup/	Mon Nov 30 20:42:31 1998
+++ ./cygwin-b20.1/src/winsup/	Mon Jan  3 14:50:09 2000
@@ -334,7 +334,7 @@
 new-$(DLL_NAME): $(DLL_OFILES) $(DEF_FILE) $(DLL_IMPORTS) $(LIBC_A) $(LIBM_A) Makefile version.o
-	$(LD) --base-file=cygwin.base -s -o /dev/null $(LD_STUFF)
+	$(LD) --base-file=cygwin.base -s -o - > /dev/null $(LD_STUFF)
-	$(LD) --base-file=cygwin.base cygwin.exp -s -o /dev/null $(LD_STUFF)
+	$(LD) --base-file=cygwin.base cygwin.exp -s -o - > /dev/null $(LD_STUFF)
 	$(LD) cygwin.exp -o new-$(DLL_NAME) $(LD_STUFF)

Now you can build and install the bootstrap tools.  To investigate
Wine you can then build the native tools with this configuration:

../src/configure \
	--prefix=/usr/local/cygb20.1 \
    	--exec-prefix=/usr/local/cygb20.1/i586-cygwin32 \
    	--target=i586-cygwin32 --host=i586-cygwin32 \
    	--build=i386-unknown-freebsd3.3 -v

As I mentioned earlier, there is then a problem of determining
when something is a console.  This is a Wine problem,
however, I hacked around it
Now I can run simple programs.  All further work I'll persue in the Wine
world by trying to fix the console detection and handling of relocatable


Peter Dufault (   Realtime development, Machine control,
HD Associates, Inc.               Safety critical systems, Agency approval

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