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Cygwin and wine, again.

As I said before, I want to try to verify that my executables at least
execute on WIN32 without going near anything from Microsoft, so I'm trying to
configure cygwin and wine on FreeBSD.

The biggest problem I've found so far is that wine's "GetConsoleScreenBufferInfo"
returns TRUE, resulting in cygwin hanging as it tries to open "/etc/passwd"
as the console.  Once that is hacked around you can run the programs
supplied in "winsup/utils".

The next problem is with me.  I don't have the hang of this configure
stuff yet, and all my attempts to build fileutils in a fashion similar
to winsup/utils have failed.  If someone can kindly send the configure line
that I should use to build and install cygwin fileutils binaries on a
FreeBSD host exactly as the existing "winsup/utils" are installed, then
that person will save me some time.


FreeBSD 3.3 with "wine" patches pointed to via "ports" page,
cygwin-b20.1 where the configuration to build and install base cygwin is:
../src/configure --prefix=/usr/local/cygb20.1 --target=i586-cygwin32 -v



Peter Dufault (   Realtime development, Machine control,
HD Associates, Inc.               Safety critical systems, Agency approval

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